Face Treatments

Non – invasive Face and Skin Regeneration

Your Challenge becomes Our Challenge!

Chronic exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, aging, malnutrition, polluted environment, stress and other factors are responsible for the ageing of the skin. Characteristics of ageing are wrinkles, colour damage, roughness and loss of vitality and skin complexion.

When the personal care up to now is not enough, Laser Beauty Clinics have the most reliable solution for fighting age symptoms. Even the first visit will show a renewed, healthy & velvety skin complexion.

At Laser Beauty Clinics isolated or combined treatments are suggested with non-invasive face renewal techniques.

  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Reduction of skin discolouration
  • Face Hydration
  • Deep cleansing

The modern technology of Laser Beauty Clinics is capable to give any age the radiant look it deserves.

Skin Consultation

At Laser Beauty Clinics we strongly believe in doing things right. That is why we offer a free skin consultation to discuss your requirements and your skin’s needs, so that together we may select the most appropriate treatment program balancing your concerns, time and money. Skin Consultation is FREE!!

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