Futura Pro – Electro-Stimulation

FuturaPro is a multifunctional electro-stimulation therapy; electrical currents selected for their optimal effect produce a gentle and pleasant contraction of the muscles. Activates lipid metabolism, circulation and the flow of lymph, regenerates the skin while firming and toning the muscles and connective tissue. It is suitable for face and body.

Body Slimming: Activate fat reduction (lipolysis), to increase muscle volume and to encourage weight reduction.

Body Toning: Strengthens and firm the musculature and tissue. The complete area of muscle from the deeper laying areas to the surface is intensively stimulated and strengthened.

Body Cellulite: Stimulates the micro-circulation and activates the cell metabolism. The skin appearance is visibly improved. Fatty cushions rapidly reduce in size.

Lymph Drainage: Remove lymph and any collections of excess water in the connecting tissue.

Futura Pro x1 x6 x12
(30 minutes)

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