Laser Hair Removal​

Nd YAG 1064nm Laser Hair Removal Treatment:
Proven to be used on all types of hair and body and safe for all areas of the body. It can be used all year round – summer time too and on a very dark skin.

By using Nd YAG 1064nm Laser, hair removal has been proven to be safe for all areas where hair can be removed with other conventional methods. The beam pattern of Nd:YAG Laser 1064nm of SYNCHRO HP system at Laser Beauty Clinics is absorbed only selectively by the melanine of the enclave of the hair and causes thermal sadation of its bulb in fractions of a second, protecting the skin as well. The possibility of choice between different handpieces in proportion to the purpose and phototype of the skin, allows the most accurate, effective and safe hair removal treatment.

During the first treatment, the hairs affected are those which are in the phase of regeneration. However, the hairs in the later phase of life, grow back normally. The excact number of treatments needed cannot be predicted, because of the depth of the bulb of the hair and the period of regeneration/growth that differs from area to area on the body. Cases of light colored hair need additional methods.

The implementation of laser can result in minimal irritation which occur around the strain of the hair. These symptoms are normal and dissappear within a couple of hours after the treatment. Furthermore, if the hair removal takes place in an area which is exposed to the sun, the use of sunblock cream with a high protection factor for the next 2 weeks after the session is necessary. Hair removal can be done any time of year.

Motux AX – DEKA Alexandite Laser Hair Removal

At Laser Beauty Clinic we specialize in Laser hair removal. We are constantly looking for new techniques, new Lasers, and ways to provide you with the best possible hair removal experience.

Motus AX Alexandrite TechnologyThe real revolution in the field of Laser Hair Removal. Deka Lasers is currently the leading manufacturer of Medical Lasers in Europe.

completely painless





Hair Removal​

Laser Hair Removal (Medical Laser) pain free, guaranteed results.
At Laser Beauty Clinic, we have searched the world for the best hair removal technology available. Always looking to provide our clients with the best, our hair removal technology provides highly effective hair reduction results with minimum secondary effects and superior patient comfort.

Our device incorporates a continuous blow of cold air cooling system, for pain-free maximum comfort, without the need of analgesic creams or cold ultrasound gels required with inferior devices.

Due to the latest unique technology present in our device, at Laser Beauty Clinic we can even treat hair during the summer months and on tanned skin.

The treatment provided at the Laser Beauty Clinic technology is completely safe and results can be appreciated after the first treatment session: fewer hairs/cm in the body areas treated; the hair will become thinner and lighter with every session until there is more than 99% hair reduction.

According to the manufactures recommendations people require between six to ten visits and we see patients every four weeks. From our point of view, it is vital that someone is consistent with the appointments since we need to catch the hair in different stages. Usually body hair requires around six treatments and face hair around ten.

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