Radian skin and wrinkle reduction with
iBeauty RF

Thalgo I BEAUTY device is a new generation beauty device combining three innovative, proven, non-invasive, non-aggressive and completely safe technologies for instant facial results:

  • Sound Vibrations: exfoliate and purify
  • Sequential Ultrasound: drains, infuses and stimulates
  • Tripolar Radio-frequency: Regenerates plumps and tightens the skin. This iBeauty attachment uses the latest anti-aging technology directly derived from aesthetic medicine. Its high frequency micro-current induces tissue heating, to regenerate, plump and firm the skin. Its Tripolar probe provides heat control for perfect safety. During this treatment we will use another Thalgo product which contains a patented Hyaluronic Acid Duo – the iPlump, which was designed as an overall anti-aging treatment to increase radio-frequency activity tenfold for more toned and plump skin.

iBeauty for Antiaging

An effective treatment to visibly reduce wrinkles. This high performance treatment instantly fills and smoothes wrinkles.

Wrinkles are targeted, one by one, by the new fibrolysis technology.

Wrinkles are smoothed, signs of ageing are delayed and the youthful appearance of the skin is prolonged.

=> For increased efficacy, it is recommended to combine it with one of

THALGO’s Anti-Ageing treatments.

iBeauty for oily skins

A true “Youth Activator”, this high-tech treatment redensifies the skin and reshapes the face. From the first treatment, the radiofrequency and richness of Spirulina-based marine extracts restore the skin’s plumpness and firmness. The complexion is glowing and the face is younger-looking.

>> Goals:

  • PURIFY the skin of impurities.
  • BALANCE the cutaneous biosphere.

>> Target:

  • All skins types and anyone looking for a short but effective treatment to cleanse their skin in-depth and enhance it
  • Combination to oily skin

In a minimum amount of time, the synergy of iBeauty and Marine Cosmetic technologies give your skin new purity and balance. The skin is healthier and brighter from the first session. It is recommended to combine the iBeauty Youth Activator treatment with the Heart of the Ocean Ritual – Pure Freshness Ritual adapted to iBeauty for long-lasting results.

iBeauty for dry skin

With Thalgo products from marine active ingredients, we combine ultrasound for deeply hydrate and restore radiance and fullness to the skin.

Ideal for dehydrate tire skin.

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i-Beauty Thalgo RF

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